• Do You Need Flood Insurance?

    Flooding can come from excessive volume of rainwater

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Thank you for coming to Options Credit’s home here on the web. Hopefully we can provide you some financial and emotional relief. You are no doubt “shopping” for a solution to your financial problem. You are doing exactly the right thing.

First, be assured you are not alone. Not even close. Millions and millions of fellow honest, hard working Canadians just like you are living every day with the burden of debt that was created by unfortunate circumstances or unmanageable interest rates. We should know… we work with people in your situation every day.

Debt Consolidation In Canada

It is a very popular process of combining one’s unsecured debts

Debt Consolidation Process

The debt consolidation process is actually very simple. Options has pre-existing relationships with all the…

Effect On Credit

While on a debt management plan you are considered an “R7″. That is a special…

Consolidation Eligibility

Unsecured debts of any kind are ideal for a debt consolidation program in Canada. That…

The Shocking Truth About Negotiating Credit Card Debt

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Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Each and every year, many households encounter troubling situations because they need to spend a lot of money to shoulder the costs of the damages brought about by flooding to…

The Shocking Truth About Negotiating Credit Card Debt

Credit card companies want you to believe debt only works one way, but negotiating credit card debt is real and it works. Credit card companies encourage the popular idea that…

Debt Management and The Impact on Your Credit Rating

The impact of being on a debt management program is that while your on the program you’re considered an R7 credit rating. Which means that you are on a voluntary…