Options Express™ Gets You Better Credit… Faster!

For clients who qualify, our Options Express™ program rewards you progressively as your credit improves over time.

Regular credit counseling agencies merely move you into a debt management program, then, a few years later, cut you loose, after your debt has been completely erased. Not at Options Credit.

We’ve set up a special program that lets you get back to normal faster. In addition to setting up a debt management program, we provide ongoing contact and, as you progressively pay off debt, help you pre-qualify for the things you need.

That includes car loans at reasonable rates, secured credit cards, and other essentials that you can’t get in a regular debt management program.

Basically, we get your life back to normal faster than ordinary credit counselors. And isn’t that what it’s really about?

Contact one of our Credit Professionals Now! Learn how you can qualify for our Options Express™ program.