About Us

Thank you for coming to Options Credit’s home here on the web. Hopefully we can provide you some financial and emotional relief. You are no doubt “shopping” for a solution to your financial problem. You are doing exactly the right thing.

First, be assured you are not alone. Not even close. Millions and millions of fellow honest, hard working Canadians just like you are living every day with the burden of debt that was created by unfortunate circumstances or unmanageable interest rates. We should know… we work with people in your situation every day.

Next, take a breath. Every financial “predicament” has a solution. Making up your mind up to really do something about it is the most important thing at this point. There’s going to be some pain and sacrifice involved. There is no avoiding that. But if you are resolute in your desire to escape your present circumstances and are seeking honest, straight forward advice-and more importantly action you’ve come to the right place. Let us show you now specifically what we’re prepared to do for you here at Options Credit.

By qualifying for our Options Express™ program, you will save yourself literally years of waiting for your credit to return to normal. We guarantee it.

The real Options Credit difference is our focus on your credit, not your debt. Your debt is just something we eliminate, over time to allow us to restore your credit to a level where you can lead a normal life.

The elimination of your debt is simply a means to end for us. At the end of the day other programs leave you in a credit rating situation where you will still not qualify for mortgages, cars, credit cards and other financial living essentials.

Along your journey with us, you will be given the tools and information that will allow you to understand how you got where you are and how to avoid the same future scenario.

If you are juggling payments every month and receiving phone calls harassing you for payments, we are in a position to represent you with your Creditors. You can begin by filling out our fast 5 minute form online “Do I Qualify” which will quickly analyze your personal debt position.

Our program never leaves you alone to face your creditors. We face them for you, with the most highly personalized debt elimination plan in the entire industry and the best negotiators in the business. We actually interact with you, our Client, on a weekly basis. We are very proud to represent you and take our advocacy role very seriously.

At Options Credit, we also recognize that speed is important to you in order to stop all the calls at work or home and the never ending unpaid bills that just seem to keep coming. Our website and live telephone and CHAT services have been designed to relieve the pressure so that you will know immediately if your financial circumstances qualify for our Debt Consolidation Program. If not, we will offer you alternative solutions that may be better for you. Only those Clients on our Debt Consolidation Programs can qualify for Options Express™ and our Vendor Services.

The last thing we want to do is to make you wait for an answer from us because we understand how emotionally draining this debt process can be on you and your family. We have the fastest and most secure next day payment option available in Canada to prevent you from having to mail a cheque or wait for it to clear. The sooner you start the quicker your problems will go away.

At Options Credit Canada, our real service is hope. Our ultimate product is you.