The Truth About Debt In Canada.

More Than 1 Million Canadians Are Spending Nearly 40% Of Their Income On Debt Repayment… And yet a 2012 study by BMO found that more than half of Canadian homeowners will retire with the debt they’re paying!

5 Things Creditors Won’t Tell You.

Learn how to beat The Credit Card schemes that keep you in debt… Lower your interest rates, reduce your payments, and achieve real finanacial FREEDOM, without incurring any more debt or hurting your credit!

Become Debt Free In 5 Easy Steps…?

According to the 2012 annual RBC Debt Poll, 26% of Canadians have no personal debt, as opposed to 22% in 2011. Yet Canadians are now carrying on average $13,141 in personal debt, an increase of $84.00 over year ago!

How Can We Help You?

At Options Credit, we help you by getting interest rate reductions on personal debt, so your payments are smaller and you get out of debt faster. We help get your good credit back and get the things you need to move ahead in life – a home, a car, you name it. We do much more than simply eliminate your debt. Our approach is all about staged support and program features customized for the individual client as you eliminate debt and return to financial health. Contact Options Credit today to learn how we can help you manage and overcome your personal credit challenges with our “Debt Consolidation Canada” plans. Get out of debt faster, for less money than you thought, get your good credit back sooner and move on with life!

Is Debt Consolidation Right For Me?

The chart on the left shows how much you might pay before entering our “Debt Consolidation Canada” payment plan. Take note of the beginning balance and the total amount paid… In some cases, depending upon your payment habits, the total amount paid can exceed the beginning balance by 3-4 times!

The chart on the right shows an example of the savings one might get after entering Options Credit’s “Debt Consolidation Canada” program. In this example, you would have saved $12,790.12. That’s a 42.5% savings, money that stays in your pockets… not the creditors!

Before Options Credit

Beg. Balance
Total Payment
No. of Payments
Citi Financial $2,100.00 $4,104.68 149
CUETS $3,500.00 $7,069.36 185
Sears $2,700.00 $5,375.24 166
Master Card $3,100.00 $6,222.32 187
Visa $3,600.00 $7,281.55 187
Totals $15,000.00 $30,053.13
After Options Credit

New Plan
No. of Payments
Citi Financial $2,429.68 44 $1,674.98
CUETS $4,136.40 45 $2,932.96
Sears $3,248.55 45 $2,126.69
Master Card $3,100.00 38 $3,122.32
Visa $4,348.38 46 $2,933.17
Totals $17,263.01 $12,790.12