51 Oddball Ways To Use Your Credit Cards…Without Spending Money

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Who knew there were so many ways to use your credit cards???

Let me share with you how this graphic got started. Some of my guys were sitting around talking about credit card debt and how so many people struggle with it. At times it feels like this overwhelming endless dread that just hangs there and never seems to disappear.

We then started talking about how great it is when our clients payoff their debts, and actually break free from the credit card shackles…so to speak. When their debt free they’re able to start living a normal life finally.

That got us talking about all the credit cards that will end up being chopped up, shredded, cut up, and destroyed. All those credit cards would start filling up landfills, and some might end up being recycled. What if there were some other ways to get rid of the credit cards and have some fun with it at the same time?

If you’re debt free now then there should be some sort of celebration afterwards. Paying off all those credit cards is a big deal and it’s worthy of a celebration.

We were sitting around wondering how many ways people could use their credit cards after their debts were paid off. So we started blurting out ideas and one of the guys got the bright idea to start writing all of them down, and we ended up with this list of 51 ways to use a credit card after your debts are paid off.

We thought we should turn it into a pretty cool graphic so we could share it with our friends, family, and fans.

I hope you enjoy it.

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