Now you can pay Options Credit Canada online, regardless of where you bank!

with TelPay there are no monthly fees, no administration expense – a cost effective solution over credit card and cheque payments. You save even more money with no postage, no envelopes, no cheque forms, reduced bank charges and simpler bank reconciliation.

Who is TelPay?

Since 1985, TelPay has been a leader and innovator in electronic payment services. Today, TelPay Incorporated is the largest independent processor of bill payments in Canada and processes over 22 million electronic payments worth 14 billion dollars annually.

Here’s How It Works:

Setting up an account with TelPay is simple and free. In order to make your first payment, you’ll need to create a TelPay account. Simply click on the TelPay button below.

1. Choose Your Account Type.

– Select either Personal Payments or Business Payments, according to whether your bank account is a personal or business account.

2. Complete Payments Application Form.

– Choose “yes” to “Would you like to make a payment now?”

3. Verify Account and Process Payment.

– To process your payment and verify account, TelPay will email you a customer Access Number within a day and will make a small deposit into your bank account to be used as your initial PIN number (within 2-3 business days). For added security, this small deposit verifies that you are authorized to access the account provided.

4. Finalize Pending Payment and Account Setup.

– Visit the Options Credit Canada website and click on the TelPay button. Log on with your Access Number and enter the deposit amount as your initial PIN. This one-time step completes any pending payment made during the application process and confirms your TelPay account.

Once you have signed up for an account, all future payments to Options Credit Canada can be made by visiting our website and clicking on the TelPay button, log on with your Access Number and PIN.

For more information on TelPay, please call 1-800-665-0302 or visit